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Callback function in javascript

November 9, 2020 • ☕️ 2 min read

What is callback function?

A callback is a function passed into another function as an argument to be executed later.

Callback function in Javascript

In Javascript every function is a first class object, which means that every function is an Object and can be used like any other object(String, Number etc.).

A callback function, also known as a higher-order function.

The use of a callback function is also known as a callback pattern.


function task1 (){
  console.log("Print this after 3 sec");

function task2(){
  console.log("Run it immediately)

setTimeout(task1, 3000)


Note: When passing a callback function as a parameter to another function we are only passing the callback function definition.

Why do we need Callback Functions?

Callbacks are necessary for asynchronous programming, including waiting for a user request, making a request to another server and doing something with the response, loading a file, etc.

How to create a Callback Function?

To start, let’s understand first example which I have mentioned above. As you can see task2 function is getting used as parameter.

function task2(){
  console.log("Run it immediately)

setTimeout(task2, 3000)

Here task2 function will display the message after 3 seconds. It is an example of callback function.

What is an Anonymous Function?

We can define a function directly inside another function, instead of calling it.


setTimeout(function task2(){
  console.log("Run it immediately)
}, 3000)

Callback in Arrow function

We can also write the same callback function as an ES6 arrow function, which is a newer type of function in JavaScript:


setTimeout(() => { 
    console.log("This message is shown after 3 seconds");
}, 3000);

Handle events using callback?

We can use callback functions for event declarations. If we want to do some action only after user click the button.


    .addEventListener("click", function() {    
      console.log("User has clicked on the button!");


JavaScript callback functions are wonderful and powerful to use and they provide great benefits to your web applications and code. You should use them when the need arises; look for ways to refactor your code for Abstraction, Maintainability, and Readability with callback functions.

Thanks for reading :)

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